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Build-lite arches

Premier Arches are manufactured to the highest standards to meet specific quality management requirements. All arch types are available as either self-supporting and load bearing or as non-load bearing arches that require a supporting lintel.

Premier arches have a number of key features and these include:

  • Strong and lightweight
  • Accurate and precise shape and size
  • Cost effective
  • Fast availabilty
  • Colour consistent
  • Guaranteed to meet commercial and house building requirements
  • Manufactured to meet NHBC standards
  • ECO friendly

Build-lite Arch Detail Diagram

Arch Structural System Diagram

*All cavity trays and weep holes are to be installed above pre-fabricated arches.

Additional benefits of build-lite arches include:

  • Loadbearing and lightweight at approx 12kg /M, one person
    can safely lift an arch for a standard opening
  • Precise shape with a consistent tolerance of 2mm/2.7M,
    speeding installation and improved final finish
  • Faced front and soffit if required
  • All arch shapes and designs
  • ECO friendly with zero ozone depletion value
  • Thermal value better than that of concrete or solid brick and block

Bonded Segmental Arch Diagram